Why Should I Use a CPA to Prepare My Taxes?

Why Should I Use a CPA to Prepare My Taxes?

We realize that personal tax preparation software has become a preferred method for individual tax preparation. The number one rated software (TurboTax) prices out between $59.99 and $99.99 for the Home & Business Edition. Some software providers charge additional fees for things like state returns, and electronic filing. If you are required to file a local return you may also have difficulty doing that with the personal tax software.

The CPA Advantage

Here are some of the benefits to using a CPA for tax preparation:

  • Comprehensive Review – instead of having your taxes completed while you wait in the office, the preferred method will be to have an initial interview appointment where we will gather all information and documents. We will then complete your tax return and perform a comprehensive review and analysis of the return. If we have any recommendations for you based on the review, we will notify you to discuss those prior to finalizing the return.
  • Additional Services – CPAs are positioned to offer additional services such as filing prior year amendments when issues are discovered, access to more forms that may not be present in the personal software, as well as tax planning advice.
  • Representation Before IRS & Taxing Authorities – CPAs & Attorneys are qualified to represent taxpayers before the taxing authorities. We practice tax and accounting services year round and are always here to respond to your needs even long after busy season.
  • Continuing Education & Ethical Standards – CPAs are held to rigid continuing education and ethical standards as part of the profession. For specific information on these standards visit the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency – Board of Accountancy or the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Stress Free Worry Free -Leave the responsibility to us!

Those are just some of the major benefits to using a CPA for your tax preparation needs.

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